Reunion of 1971 graduates of Odessa Medical University took place

On September 18, a meeting of graduates of 1971 was held in the 1st lecture hall of the main building. Thanks to the organizing committee, which included well-known doctors of Odessa Palagina N.V., Tyagai O. Ya., Babenko L.B., the official part of the anniversary meeting was solemn and informative. Anastasia Hromadchenko, the head of the student self-government of ONMedU, Tamara Mardariivna Levitska, the head of the University History Museum, and Inna Pavlivna Gurkalova-Popescu, who gave the first lecture in their student life on September 1, 1965, came to congratulate the jubilees. Inna Pavlovna shared her memories of their course, and also told how the institute has changed over the past 50 years and what heights it has reached thanks to their groupmate Valerii Zaporozhan, who was elected rector in 1994. According to the leading part of the cardiologist of the highest category, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, member of the International Health Association Lyudmila Babenko, their course is unique, because among the groupmates there is the rector, vice rector, heads of departments, professors and associate professors, and honored doctors. “And this is not surprising, because we had venerable luminaries in the medical world teachers – Academician Yasinovsky M.P., Professors Korovitsky L.K., Dragomiretsky V.D., Velikanov K.A., Aleinikova L.I., – It is difficult to list them all, because there really were a lot of them…, ”said Lyudmyla Babenko.

Her words intersect with the words of Valerii Zaporozhan, who, addressing his classmates, said: “The advancement of a person in life depends on the environment of people, it stimulates to work and move forward. Thank you and our teachers who surrounded me for so many years. ”

“We thank our alma mater, the main participant of our meeting is it, its spirit and memory of her,” added Oleksandr Surilov, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and a member of the All-Ukrainian Union of Marine Writers.

More than one program was filmed about the unique course, and now a 1971 graduate, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Ph.D., Associate Professor Olga Yakovleva Tyagai finishes writing a book about her course. And, probably, this book will be interesting not only to her groupmates.