Career guidance work among schoolchildren of Odessa and Odessa region

Despite the fact that only a month ago admission campaign ended at Odessa National Medical University, the admissions committee began to conduct career guidance work among school children of Odessa and Odessa region. “For the results of next year’s admission campaign to be higher than the previous one, career guidance work should be carried out in September,” said E.S. Buryachkivskii, the executive secretary of ONMedU admissions committee.

On September 17, at the invitation of the Reni Employment Center, members of the admissions committee and deans of ONMedU faculties told high school students about the history of the university, specialties available at the university, and admission requirements at the “Job Fair”.

At a meeting with the mayor of Reni Igor Plekhov, representatives of the university voiced proposals from the leadership of ONMedU to train specialists for the city hospital, which aroused great interest from Reni side.

“Now there is a staff shortage in our medical institutions. We need young doctors, especially surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians. And we are ready to cooperate with Odessa National Medical University to solve this problem,” Igor Plekhov emphasized.