Renovation of dormitories is a matter of time

Life safety is an issue that ONMedU administration has always paid great attention to.

Based on the inspection report of the State Emergency Service, it was decided to carry out repair work in the dormitories, and before that to relocate the remaining residents to other dormitories with appropriate conditions.

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Konstiantin Talalaiev noted that the procedure of resettlement of dormitory residents is underway, and the relevant departments of the university will begin restoration work in the near future.

According to the chief engineer of ONMedU Serhii Chaplynskii, a working group has already been set up, which includes electricians, plumbers, and general construction specialists. Relevant specialists will be involved in conducting fire safety measures.

The plan of performance of all works with the approximate term of their carrying out is being worked out.