Professor O. Tkachenko: Department of Surgery № 3 Odessa National Medical University on the basis of the University Clinic (Tinista, 8) introduces the latest medical technologies

We have the ability to use fluorescent dyes (ICG) to detect invisible to the eye changes in organs, tissues and blood vessels. Innovative technology can be used in surgery and oncology. It allows you to detect micrometastases of tumors or features of the blood supply to organs and tissues, which allows you to perform high-precision operations without complications.For the first time in our region, the Fluobeam 800 device was introduced to visualize micrometastases of malignant neoplasms, in particular melanoma of the skin. Performing a full, large lymph dissection with the removal of all lymph nodes leads to a violation of lymphatic outflow and deterioration of the patient’s quality of life. Modern research methods (CT, ultrasound) can not always answer the question: if the lymph nodes are affected or not. With the help of ICG, you can determine the “sentinel” lymph node and choose the right amount of treatment.Today in the clinic ONMedU (Tinista, 8) an operation was performed to remove melanoma with a biopsy of the “sentinel” lymph node, which helped to avoid a large and traumatic intervention. Examination of the removed lymph node will help to develop the correct modern tactics of treatment of patients with this complex pathology.