Participation in the program EIT InfraBooster

As part of the development of the ecosystem and relations between Ukraine and Europe, at the end of 2023, a representative office of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Community RIS Hub) was officially opened in Kyiv, which expanded the integration opportunities for Ukrainian scientists and innovators in the world of EU opportunities.
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent body of the European Union, created in 2008 to implement innovations in Europe. The Institute is a unique initiative that stimulates innovation by bringing together organizations from business, higher education and the research sector to find ways to solve global challenges. Since 2008, the participants in general have attracted more than 1 billion 888 million euros of investments in startups from the specified industries through their activities.
Currently, recruitment is open at EIT for the EIT InfraBooster program – a modular training program for representatives of scientific organizations that operate scientific research infrastructures. The program promotes capacity building and supports the development of infrastructure services that can be offered to businesses, thus providing the opportunity to develop a university-based product or technology according to a client’s request.
The InfraBooster Foundation seeks applicants from academic organizations (universities and research institutes) with commercially significant research infrastructure. It is aimed at all industries and research areas, for example, in the field of health care, agri-food, energy and environmental research, manufacturing, etc. The InfraBooster Foundation educational module serves as the first stepping stone to the next level of advanced training: InfraBooster Practitioner. It ensures that participants gain an understanding of the innovative contexts in which research infrastructures can be used for collaboration
between science and industry.

In addition, the course allows participants to network with colleagues from other research centers and scientific institutions from the EU, the Western Balkans and Ukraine, as well as exchange ideas on new projects and opportunities for industrial cooperation.
Key areas of EIT InfraBooster:
– Identifying hidden opportunities of research infrastructure and centers of excellence in scientific organizations, expanding their access to European markets;
– Creation of new ways of commercialization for scientific institutions that complement the traditional transfer of technologies and the creation of spinoffs;
– Strengthening cooperation between science and industry (universities and research institutes initiate cooperation with large industrial players and corporations, startups and international companies);
– Development and offering of innovative services to commercial clients (companies) based on research infrastructures of scientific organizations;

– Increasing the efficiency of state investments in R&D/research infrastructures;
– Synergies with regional/national smart specialization strategies and EU-level programs aimed at improving the efficiency of research infrastructures, as well as international initiatives aimed at promoting the long-term sustainability of research infrastructures (EU/OECD).
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
– Work in a higher education institution or a research institution, on the basis of which the research infrastructure functions;
– Priority will be given to scientists, technicians and experts working in technology transfer centers, research centers and support offices.
Timeline of EIT InfraBooster 2024:
– 17.06.2024: Application deadline.
-20.06.2024: Introductory online session.
-04.07.2024: Online session and work in teams.
The link to register to participate is below:

Application deadline: June 17, 2024.

Besides, please join the EIT InfraBooster information session, which will take place on June 14 at 10:30 Kyiv time: