ONMedU: training “Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards”

Ukraine actively participates in international forums and cooperates with its partners on security issues. Possessing high skills and knowledge in the field of chemical, biological and nuclear security, our country can effectively interact with its partners and participate in international efforts to prevent and respond to such threats.

In today’s world, these threats are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, requiring appropriate training and preparation. The training “Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards” was held at Odesa National Medical University. Thanks to the professionalism of high-class lecturers and instructors, all participants of the activity managed to master special skills.

We would like to add that chemical, biological and nuclear threat training has several important aspects. After all, such risks can cause enormous harm to the civilian population. This training is based on the latest developments in the field of protection against such threats and will help keep law enforcement officers, military personnel and ordinary citizens safe. In addition, such events provide an opportunity to develop national experts specializing in this field. This will provide Ukraine with its own highly qualified specialists capable of effectively fighting threats of the described type. All this proves the necessity of conducting training on chemical, biological and nuclear threats in the conditions of modern Ukraine.