Instructions for creating and filling out researcher profiles from Clarivate and Elsevier

To the attention of scientists!

Supporting Ukraine in the difficult conditions of the war, international partners extended free access to leading electronic resources and databases of scientific and analytical data, which helps Ukrainian scientists to effectively continue scientific activities in the difficult conditions of today.

A significant support for the scientific community of Ukraine is the development by the specialists of the Clarivate and Elsevier companies of instructions for creating and filling with information the profiles of researchers on the Web of Science and Scopus platforms.

On the official websites of Clarivate and Elsevier, special pages have been created for users from Ukraine, which contain up-to-date information on the possibilities of resources and software tools, constantly updated information on educational materials, planned webinars in Ukrainian, etc. (Ukraine Academic Support page on the official Elsevier portal and the #StandWithUkraine section on the Clarivate portal).

It is worth reminding that the scientific community of ONMedU within the framework of the Research4Life project continues to receive free access to important global electronic resources. From March 2022, thanks to the support of partner publishers, Ukrainian scientists can freely use collections of journals, books, databases and reference materials.

Consultations on organizing work with scientometric databases can be obtained by calling 067 278 3169 (Viber)

Іnstruction from Clarivate

Іnstruction on managing author’s profile in Scopus_