ONMedU Library presents an exhibition dedicated to the 1034th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyiv Rus

One of the main holy pages of our state is the Baptism of Kyiv Rus, which falls precisely on July 28. For the first time in Ukraine, on this day we also celebrate the Statehood Day.

Our courageous country is a symbol of stability, unity and struggle not only for human life, for state independence, but also for Christian spiritual values: goodness, mercy, honesty, justice, love. The future of our state depends on the content of these moral values, which are embedded in people’s hearts. After all, God is not in power, but in truth.

This year, the library opened a new series of thematic book exhibitions “Golden pages of the history of Ukraine”. And it is very symbolic that the first exhibition is intended for the 1034th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyiv Rus.

Among the publications presented at the exhibition is a unique facsimile of the “Peresopnytsk Gospel”, as well as books on the history of Ukraine, the author of which is a descendant of the ancient Cossack family, historian Mykhailo Hrushevskyi. And the words of the first President of Ukraine, which were spoken by him almost 100 years ago, sound like a slogan for indomitable Ukrainians – “We must go, because the march cannot be stopped.”