ONMedU is a Ukrainian institution with great traditions of national and patriotic education

The Academic Council chaired by the Rector, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, listened to a report on the work carried out in 2021 on humanitarian education and upbringing at Odessa National Medical University.

According to the vice-rector of ONMedU for scientific and pedagogical work Konstiantin Talalayev, a separate area of ​​educational work has always been civic, spiritual and military-patriotic education of students. “These are the fundamental values ​​that lay the foundations for the formation of consciousness of our youth, which will consider the development of the state as a guarantee of personal development based on the ideas of humanism, social welfare, democracy, freedom, tolerance, responsibility, healthy lifestyle, readiness for change and fulfillment of the duty to protect the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the Vice-Rector emphasized. The Department of Social Sciences has been chosen as the basic department for the implementation of the principles of humanitarian education and educational work at ONMedU.

In 2021, taking into account the quarantine restrictions, ONMedU celebrated all anniversaries, honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred and defenders of Ukraine, victims of the Holocaust and Holodomor, World War II, the anniversary of the tragedy in Babyn Yar. Thematic talks dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Genocide, the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions, the International Earth Day, the Chernobyl Tragedy Day, the International Literacy Day, the World Doctor’s Day, the UN International Day and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Teachers of the Department of Social Sciences organized excursions to the Odessa Art Museum for 1-2 year students, as well as to the Museum of History of ONMedU, Odessa National Scientific Library. In April, teachers organized lectures on the Easter traditions of the Ukrainian people. In May the Embroidery Day. In June – a pedagogical conference on “The Constitution of Ukraine: history from ancient times to the present.”

The memory of outstanding Ukrainians was honored, talks and events to honor them were: the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka, birthday of humanist teacher, writer Vasyl Sukhomlynsky, playwright Ivan Karpenko-Kary, poet Borys Oliynyk, historian, archeologist, folklorist , ethnographer, writer and poet Dmytro Yavornytsky.

Long preparations preceded the Shevchenko Days (March) and the Days of Ukrainian Literature and Language at ONMedU (November). On November 9, the dictation of national unity was written remotely by first-year students of the 2nd and 4th groups of the medical faculty. On November 11, a first-year Ukrainian language Olympiad was held with first-year students of all specialties. A brain-ring competition on the topic: “Language in history and the history of language” was organised.

An important direction was the popularization of Ukrainian culture among foreign students: the topic “The Calendar of traditions of Ukrainian people” was discussed, a conversation about folk holidays, traditions and ceremonies was held. The report “The languages ​​of the native wing are strong” was prepared for foreign students. Foreign students prepared reports on the life and work of Taras Shevchenko and together with their Ukrainian colleagues took part in many other educational activities.

Konstantin Talalayev emphasized the important unifying role played by national-patriotic education, as a large number of events were prepared by the students themselves together with the teachers. “Odessa and our university are Ukrainian pearls. For us, popularizing our country and educating the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, respect for their history, culture and cultures of other countries, whose citizens study with them in the same classrooms, has always been and will be a priority, “said the Vice Rector.