Online Course HelloAI “AI for healthcare” (Artificial intelligence for medical professionals)

Dear teachers, students and medical professionals of Odesa National Medical University!

We invite you to join the HelloAI online course “AI for healthcare”. Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry and how it can be used to support healthcare change.

The HelloAI program is an online distance learning program that brings together key players in the medical and IT industries. HelloAI deeply explores artificial intelligence to advance healthcare and its benefits for healthcare professionals and patients.

HelloAI offers a variety of online courses to choose from, varying in complexity and level of current knowledge about artificial intelligence in healthcare. The program focuses on advanced AI concepts and how to learn how to apply custom solutions using various tools and methodologies.

This course is for anyone interested in exploring innovative solutions to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. As a healthcare professional, manager, researcher or medical student, you will gain a practical understanding of AI through a series of diverse modules that open up endless possibilities for implementing AI in the healthcare sector.

Representatives from Ukraine are granted the right to receive an InnoStars RIS scholarship for taking online courses. Scholarship participants must complete 75% of the assignments by December 31, 2023. In 2023, the InnoStars RIS scholarship covers 100% of tuition.

Registration is required for the online course.