On June 25, 2020 at 10.00 a regular meeting of the Academic Council of Odessa National Medical University took place remotely

As it was the last meeting of this academic year, lots of issues were on the agenda.
Before moving on to the working issues, the Chairman of the Academic Council Academician V.M. Zaporozhan congratulated the professor, Head of the Department of Phthisiopulmonology N.A. Matsegora, and the best employees of the university clinics received Certificates of Merit for significant contributions to medicine on the occasion of the Day of the Medical Worker. Six scientists of the university received certificates of associate professors.
Members of the Academic Council unanimously supported the announcement of Vinnytsia National Medical University a scientific and practical work “Development of a set of new methods for studying the condition and gradual re-embalming of the body of M.I. Pirogov” by Vinnytsia National Medical University for the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology in 2020.
On the second issue of the Agenda, the reports of the chairmen of the examination commissions on the results of the state final exams were heard. This year the exams were conducted in a remote format on the Microsoft Teams platform. All students got in touch and showed a high level of theoretical knowledge. Graduation papers presentation was was also conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy. 16 graduates of the Pharmaceutical and International faculties were admitted to the presentation. Students successfully defended their works and received “good” and “excellent” grades. In conclusion, the Chairman of the Academic Council V.M. Zaporozhan said: “We have coped with the situation with dignity. Graduation papers presentation was conducted at a high level. Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies. We will continue to improve in online learning – this is the time. And we already have experience! ”
At this meeting graduation of Ukrainian and foreign doctors and was approved pharmacists of the University in 2020 was approved. 1127 students (827 Ukrainian and 300 foreign) who have fully mastered the educational program and passed the exams will receive diplomas of ONMedU.
Acting Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Professor O.A. Shandra intraduced the candidates of 35 university graduates and 9 interns for scientific work. The Academic Council approved the all the young scientists. Also, 6 nominees for nominal scholarships (of President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada and City Mayor) were supported.
The Academic Council approved the University work plans and work curricula of the departments for the 2020-2021 academic year, which were presented by Acting Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Professor I.P. Shmakova. It was unanimously decided to set a limit for scholarship holders who can be awarded a scholarship based on the results of semester control in the range from 40 to 43% of the actual number of full-time students studying at the state order, and accordingly leave the rate of students who can be awarded an increased academic scholarship at 2%.
The report of the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Associate Professor K.O. Talalaiev on the approval of the “Regulations on Policies and Procedures for Prevention, Prevention and Settlement of Conflict Situations in ONMedU” was discussed and supported.
In order to improve the quality of education, optimize the educational process and more efficient use of university funds, Acting Rector of the University, Professor R.S. Vastyanov proposed to make changes in the structure of the Odessa National Medical University since September 1, 2020, namely: to create new departments by merging or reorganizing some departments. The proposal was adopted unanimously.
The issue of conferring academic titles was reported by the Academic Secretary of the University, Professor O.L. Appelhans. As a result of the secret ballot procedure, which took place according to all the rules of anti-epidemic safety, all applicants for the academic title received the support of the Academic Council.
In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the Academic Council, Academician of NAMSU V.M. Zaporozhan expressed his sincere gratitude to all employees of the University for their dedicated work, labor achievements, readiness to develop and master new methods of work; stressed the need for further efforts in research, study of foreign languages, publication of results in journals with a high impact factor; wished good rest, health and inspiration.