Odessa National Medical University invites you to study.


We are a large family of thousands of students from different parts of Ukraine and the world, taught by our famous professors and teachers.
We combine an academic approach and modern learning technologies. Our students successfully master the necessary competencies, develop leadership skills, create startups. We train doctors who, having received diplomas, are ready to provide quality medical care, to professional activity at the forefront of science and technology.
Opportunity to save lives is the dream that brought each of us to Odessa Medical University. We teach students and learn together throughout life.
Odessa National Medical University provides training in the following specialties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy. Modernization of teaching methods allows students to acquire special knowledge in a modern Center for Simulation Medicine with world-class equipment. Future doctors practice their first skills on mannequins-robots, which completely imitate a real patient.
Students master modern medical technologies such as endoscopy, laparoscopy, molecular genetic diagnostics. The training is conducted in close cooperation with leading scientific schools in Ukraine, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States and other developed countries. Odessa University is a member of the International Association of Universities, which unites 600 universities and educational organizations from 150 countries.
The university team led by Academician Valery Zaporozhan has made considerable efforts to increase the international prestige of Odessa National Medical University. Outstanding scientists and doctors are honorary professors of the university, students have the opportunity to listen to their lectures. In particular, the Nobel laureate, author of the world’s first heart transplant Christian Barnard spoke to our team.
Students from 53 countries study at Odessa National Medical University. We offer quality modern higher medical education. We conduct training in Ukrainian, English and Russian.
Our students gain clinical experience in the university clinic and have the opportunity to do internships in the best universities and clinics in the world. A unique online library has been created for the students with more than five thousand copies of textbooks and manuals. The repository contains all dissertations of professors and associate professors of the university, books, methodical materials in English. It is included in the repositories of Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.Odessa Medical University is one of the oldest in Ukraine. It is 120 years old. We combine tradition with innovation, experience with energy, devotion to science with a desire to serve society and save lives. Join the big friendly family of Odessa National Medical University!