May 12 — Nurse’s Day

Caring, friendly, devoted – these are the words that can be used to describe nurses who work in hospitals and clinics. They spend much more time with patients than a doctor, fulfilling all his recommendations – and literally, they cure the patients, returning them to a healthy life.
The history of this holiday is connected with the British sister of mercy Florence Nightingale, who saved the lives of soldiers during the Crimean War. May 12, 1820 was her birthday. An aristocrat by birth, she chose an unpopular profession at the time, leaving home and a comfortable life to help the wounded in the hospital. Her path is repeated by hundreds of nurses in Ukraine, who, ignoring the danger, without breaks or days off, are rescuing Ukrainian soldiers wounded during military operations for the third year in a row.
We are proud of you for your self-sacrifice, dedication, indomitability in the fight against the enemy and great devotion to the profession!