Lecture-Installation “Let’s Honour Each Other, Because We Are Worth It: Common Things in the History of Ukraine and My Country “

Lecture-installation – “Let’s Honour Each Other, Because We Are Worth It: Common Things in the History of Ukraine and My Country “with the students of the 8th group, the international faculty, specialty “Dentistry”, English language of teaching, took place on April 4, 2018.

In the history of Ukraine there were periods and times when our lands were a part of other states. However, Ukrainians have always sought and fought for freedom, unity and independence. At the last but one lesson, an associate professor of the Department of Social Sciences, PhD History T. L. Podkupko offered the students to prepare reports on the common and different things in the history of Ukraine and their countries. The offer aroused a lively interest in the students.

Damai Lynda’s report was devoted to the peculiarities of the history, development and establishment of the state of Tunisia. Particular attention was paid to the linguistic issue, the consequences of the French colonization.

Akarsu Faruk prepared a bright and informative report on Albania and Turkey. The student’s interest was increased by the fact that his family has roots in both states. Turkey, as a neighbor of Ukraine, has a lot in common both in history and in culture. There were links from the ancient times to the present mentioned. The thorny issue of Kurdish separatism was mentioned as well. Closed to others for decades, Albania, has only recently started to receive tourists. The students were fascinated by the information given by T. L. Podkupko , that Velyka and Mala Arnautska Streets had been named after the citizens of Albania who participated in the reconstruction of our city. Despite the fact that Arnauts, do not exist as a nation any longer, they were immortalized in the toponymy of our city.

The lecture was interesting and intense, with lots of discussions. Ukraine at various stages of state building was experiencing vivid historical events, which can not only be studied with enthusiasm, but also lead to conclusions drawing, as well as suggesting lessons for imitation. Let’s Honour Each Other, Because We Are Worth It!

Tetiana Leonidivna Podkupko,

PhD History, Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences

Odessa National Medical University