The Lecture on “The History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture” Dedicated to Lina Kostenko’s Birthday

On March 19, 2018 1st year students of  groups #1-5 of  medical faculty No 1 presented their understanding of the poem “Wings” in the creative essay on the topic “Man supposedly does not fly … but has wings” at the lecture on “The History of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture” (the lecturer was a Candidate of Historical Science, an associate professor of the Department of Social Sciences O.O.Uvarova) delivered in honor of the birthday of the famous Ukrainian writer and poetess Lina Kostenko. The idea of ​​the poem inspired the students to think about the “wings” of each of them: for some it was the soul, intelligence and sincerity, for others – freedom and opportunities, and some  noted that their wings were the dream about the future profession that would help them to save human lives!

On the same day, students of the 13th group of Medical Faculty No. 2 and group #1 of the Faculty of Pharmacy attended a concert dedicated to the poetess, organized by the Student Creativity Center (headed by S.O.Bychkova) and the Department of Social Sciences (the head of the department is Associate Professor O.O.Sikorsky).