The Creative Festival “The Soul of Millennia Is Looking for Itself in a Word …” Dedicated to the Birthday of Lina Kostenko

The creative festival “The soul of millennia is looking for itself in a word” was held on the birthday of the prominent Ukrainian poet – Lina Kostenko and on the eve of the World Day of Poetry on March, 9. The organizers of the festival were the Student Creativity Center together with the Department of Social Sciences.

The chairman of the jury was the winner of the municipal prize of K.G.Paustovsky, a journalist – O.V.Galyas. The other members of the jury were the Head of the Department of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, a writer and artist – V.V.Babienko, the Art Director of the SCC- S.O. Bychkova, the Head of the Department of Social Sciences – O.O.Sikorska and a poet and public figure – A. Kholdakovska

Students presented 12 creative acts to the jury: expressive reading, vocals, author’s song, choreographic composition.

The 1st prize was awarded to:

  1. Katerina Kovalenko – in the nomination “Expressive Reading”;
  2. Dance group “Amazonki” – in the nomination “Choreographic Performance”;
  3. A.Ismailova, O. Feschuk – in the nomination “Vocal (duet)”;
  4. S. Zinchenko – in the nomination “The Author’s Song”;
  5. Yu. Zhabko – in the nomination “Vocal (solo)”.

The second prize was awarded to:

  1. V.Tsikhonya – in the nomination “Expressive Reading”.

The third prize was awarded to:

  1. Galina Zarovna – in the nomination “Expressive Reading”.

All participants of the festival received laureate diploma in various nominations. The best participants received a gift publication of “The Night of Kisses or Odesa Decameron” by Maria M. who had graduated from our Alma mater, from the chairman of the jury.