International Water Day

March 22 is declared International Water Day.

This date was introduced by the UN General Assembly in 1993 (Resolution No. A/RES/47/193 “Holding the International Day of Water Resources”). The resolution noted the importance of water resources in the development of economic activity and social well-being.

It is also recommended to hold events dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of preserving and developing water resources on this day. The purpose of the events dedicated to this date is to draw attention to the problems of drinking water quality, the need to protect water resources and their rational use. The new scientific work of the head of the department of hygiene and medical ecology of Odesa National Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Babienko, published in co-authorship with Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrii Mokienko, is devoted to these issues. This work is the second attempt of the authors in the post-Soviet space to provide the most complete analysis of the problem of providing humanity with clean drinking water in the 21st century. The authors pay special attention to solving the issue of high-quality water supply in the Odesa region.