Humanitarian aid for the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odesa region

On September 6, representatives of the Odesa National Medical University with the assistance of the Center for Forensic Medical Examinations of the University Clinic of Lausanne (Swiss Confederation) handed over applicators and FTA-cards for the selection and preservation of buccal epithelium samples to the investigative department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odesa region.

Understanding the difficulty with logistical support of government institutions during the war, our long-time partners from their own funds provided free assistance in the form of the above-mentioned kits.

The advantages of the FTA card are ease of use, the possibility of long-term storage of biological samples and the safety of their transportation to specialized laboratories. These cards can also be used in the work of mobile forensic laboratories in “field” conditions, as well as for the selection of samples for the purpose of identifying the corpses of unidentified persons and their remains using molecular genetic methods.