Gifts from St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day is a charming tradition and one of the most awaited winter holidays for children. Since ancient times it has been a tradition to give sweets, gifts and warm smiles to each other on this day. The students’ union of ONMeDU annually joins this wonderful action and patronizes orphan homes.

Today, on 18.12.18, one day before St. Nicholas Day, activists of the union headed by E.V. Mikhailuk visited the orphan home “Sonechko”. They gave the children warm clothes and sweets, played games and listened to poems. The kids enjoyed communicating with the students and they did not want to let them go. The students promised to the grateful children to come to them again. The administration of the orphan home also expressed their gratitude to the Medical University and the students’ union. And we, in turn, remind that the money for this visit was collected by the students of ONMedU at the fair, organized by students’ union of students near the main building.

Join us, together we can do even more good things!