Dear graduates!

Congratulations on your successful graduation from Odessa National Medical University.
Six years ago, you made a crucial choice – to serve society. You began studying the most difficult and noble profession. This path should not be interrupted – the fate of the doctor is to learn throughout life. At our university you received a quality higher medical education. This base includes not only theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but also moral and ethical principles that each of you must adhere to. You have taken the Hippocratic oath – be faithful to it until the last day in the profession.
Most of you will become practitioners, some will dedicate yourselves to science. Whatever choice you make, be the best at your job. Ukraine is in dire need of high-quality doctors and scientists. You have the future of healthcare and medicine, you have the responsibility for what the future holds. You, today’s graduates, will multiply past success, keep traditions, accumulate knowledge and transfer it to the next generations.
We let you go to the profession with pride and sadness. During these six years, you have become part of a large family and forever inscribed your names in the glorious history of Odessa National Medical University. Thanks to its graduates, Odessa University enjoys its international reputation. Your colleagues work in all corners of the world and glorify our university far beyond Ukraine. Wherever you work, always remember the Alma Mater and the people who brought you to the profession.
You have chosen a difficult path. We wish you to pass it with dignity. We, doctors, accompany a person from the moment of coming into this world until their last breath. Our work involves stress and fear for thousands of lives. As a reward, it gives us a genuine sense of happiness for saving others.
Dear graduates, may luck accompany you in your difficult work. Do not stop learning, never stop in professional growth. Be happy and healthy. Give yourself to the profession completely, and you will receive in full. Way to go!
Sincerely yours, Acting Rector of ONMedU R.S. Vastianov, Chairman of the Academic Council of ONMedU V.M. Zaporozhan