Address by the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan

Address by the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan


Dear colleagues and students!

Following the results of the operational meeting I inform:

– At our university all conditions for safety of students and employees in case of aggravation of a situation are created. We are talking about the arrangement of shelters in dormitories and specially equipped places. I would like to thank the heads of key departments for carrying out operational measures for the normal functioning of the university under martial law.

– I signed the order “On the regime of the educational process at the university from 24.02.2022”:

The educational process at ONMedU will continue in the distance form with the use of distance learning technologies, from safe places for life and health.

Recognize mobile phones and corporate e-mails of ONMedU as official channels of communication from February 24, 2022, use the electronic platform MS Teams and other possible means of communication.

Deans of faculties, heads of departments, establish and maintain constant contacts with subordinates and participants in the educational process.

– A meeting of the Union of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine was held recently. We keep in touch with colleagues from all over Ukraine, ready to help each other.

I emphasize once again – follow only the official channels of information, avoid misinformation and provocations.

Take care!

Rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan