A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held remotely

On February 24, Odessa National Medical University chaired by the Rector, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, held a regular meeting of the Academic Council remotely.

Opening the meeting, Valerii Zaporozhan highlighted: “In this alarming moment, we all need endurance, will and courage, the ability to remain calm and balanced. The work of the university continues in the remote mode until further instructions.”

The rector asked the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, associate professor Konstiantyn Talalaiev, how things were going in student dormitories. Konstiantyn Talalaiev reported that the situation in the dormitories was currently stable. Most students had gone to their homes even earlier, where they continue their distance learning. Those students who remained in the dormitories were instructed on how to behave in the event of possible emergencies.

On the agenda of the meeting was the issue of approval of the results of the final State certification of graduates of 2022 of the pharmaceutical and international faculties in the specialty 226 “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy ”extra-mural of studies, the state of financial and economic activities of the university and prospects for its improvement, approval of the Regulations on the procedure for issuing academic certificates to candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at ONMedU.

In addition, the Academic Council considered the opening of doctoral studies in specialties planned in the future Specialized Council of ONMedU and the approval of Odessa Medical Journal and the rules of publication according to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №32 from 15.01.2018.

Closing the meeting, the Chairman of the Academic Council, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, reiterated: “Nevertheless, the university continues to operate, and if any of you have questions or difficult circumstances, contact me at any time.”