6th year students of medical faculties of ONMedU got acquainted with working conditions in “Ivanovo medical center”

In the village of Ivanivka, Odessa region, in early October 2021, “Ivanivka Medical Center” began its work, which united medical institutions of the first and second level. The multidisciplinary medical center employs qualified doctors and experienced nurses with extensive experience, however, as in many villages and cities in the region, community leaders and hospitals are concerned about the aging of the medical staff and therefore make great efforts to attract young professionals.

“We have experienced doctors, excellent specialists, but we need young staff. We are ready and able to provide them with housing, help pay for utilities and other social issues. We really need young anesthesiologists, surgeons, therapists, pediatricians. Therefore, we decided to invite you, undergraduate students, to get acquainted with our center and staff, “said Ivaniv village head V.I. Lobach, receiving students of the 6th year of the medical faculty of ONMedU in the village council.

The future doctors visited the multidisciplinary “Ivanivsky Medical Center”, visited all departments, many of which are equipped with modern equipment, talked to the chief physician and heads of departments. The obvious advantages (an hour’s drive to Odessa, a good technical base of the clinic, all mentors have the highest medical category, free housing and always timely payment of salaries) interested some graduates. And the words of the chief doctor of the center Lyudmila Grechana at the farewell also touched: “If you want to feel like a doctor, start from the district, only here the versatility of medical activity is possible. If you believe, you will not regret it. “