World Health Day

On April 11, 2018, a large-scale fair and a series of events dedicated to the World Health Day were held at OSACEA (Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture), which is celebrated annually on April 7.

The student trade union of OSACEA, together with the Health Care Commission of the Youth Council under the mayor of Odessa, invited the representatives of the student self-government of ONMeDU to participate in the organization of the festive events.

The volunteers of ONMedU Student Council arranged a “health station” on the territory of OSACEA, where they measured blood pressure, height and weight of all those who wanted, as well as girls were told about mammary glands oncopathology and were taught to make the correct self-diagnosis of the mammory glands oncopathology on a special phantom model.

The phantom model of the mammary glands and handouts were provided by the co-organizers of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Women Organization “Kesher Project”.

Also there was a mobile ambulatory station at the event, where a free HIV / AIDS rapid test could be made.

In the morning, sports exercises and sports competitions were held for the students of OSACEA, after which all the participants measured their pressure and compared it to the one they had before the physical activity.