Vaccination against COVID-19. 3rd stage

Dear friends!
Our institution is preparing for the third stage of vaccination against the acute respiratory disease COVID-19, provided by the Roadmap for the introduction of the vaccine against COVID-19. At this stage, employees of educational institutions, employees of critical structures of state security, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are subject to vaccination.
We invite you to CNE “PHCC № 4” OCC, where a stationary vaccination room against COVID-19 has been created, which works from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00, on Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00.
The basis for receiving this medical service is self-referral.
You can register in the queue for a dose of the vaccine by calling the hotline (095) 909-14-14; (073) 909-14-14 or the responsible employee of the head nurse Zubak Valentyna Mikhailivna (067) 769-57-53 or through the electronic information system / enter in the search the name of the enterprise – CNE “PHCC № 4” OCC / click the tab of the subunit / outpatient clinic 2 / vaccination roomagainst COVID-19 / register and choose the time convenient for you).
If you would like more information on vaccination against acute respiratory disease COVID-19, please call the head nurse Zubak V.M. CNE “PHCC № 4” OCC , (067) 769-57-53.