Training and patriotic-educational work in ONMedU continues even during the war

Material culture is the age-old, sometimes millennial heritage of the people. Mentality, traditions are reflected in clothing, cuisine, architecture, music, literature, folklore and more. In times of peace, there occured a tradition of a kind of clothing festival in the process of teaching the history of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture at the Department of Social Sciences of ONMedU, headed by Phd in Philology, associate professor O.O. Sikorska. Students from different countries and continents wore national costumes and tried to convey the beauty, functionality and diversity of the heritage of their people, to promote their national culture among classmates. Since not everyone was able to bring traditional clothes to Ukraine, the desire to promote their country could only be limited to a presentation. Most foreign students are now safe at home, so there are more opportunities to present their culture.

On April 8, 2022, Phd in History, associate professor T.L. Podkupko with groups of the 1st year of the international faculty, specialty medicine held an online mini-festival of national clothes.

Driss Noor from the 2nd English group not only presented the national costume of the Moroccan bride, but also talked about the features of clothing for the newlyweds during the traditional wedding, which lasts a week.

Saudi Beale from the 4th English group boasted of the groom’s Moroccan attire.

Mohammad Aariz, Shashikiran Aloysius Liray, Sing Arienda, Shakia Utkarsh from the 4th English group presented men’s national clothes from different regions of India. The boys also spoke about the influence of religious traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam on men’s fashion in India at different times.

Together they compared the common and different in the traditional attire of Ukraine and their countries, traced the features of women’s and men’s clothing, footwear and hats. They also traced how at different times the priority was given to the beauty and functionality of the outfit.