“Shevchenko Days” Dedicated to the Memory of T. Shevchenko, an Outstanding Figure in Ukrainian Culture

On March 5, 2018, “Shevchenko Days” dedicated to the memory of an outstanding figure of Ukrainian culture T. Shevchenko started at the Department of Social Sciences.

The head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor O.O.Sikorska and the deputy head of the department, Ph.D., senior teacher O.S.  Shanin organized recitation of T. Shevchenko’s poems by 1st year foreign students of  group 4 (pharmacy department) of the international faculty.

First year students of groups 1-5 of medical faculty number 1 looked back at the work of the artist in the creative essay on the topic ” Shevchenko’s Word ” at the lecture (lecturer – Ph.D., associate professor O.O. Uvarova) devoted to the epoch of the national-cultural revival of the nineteenth century.

In the future, the Department of Social Sciences, the Scientific Library and the Center for Student Creative Work of ONMedU are planning to carry out a variety of events, including literary-linguistic competitions, book exhibitions, concerts, thematic seminars.