Scientific seminar “Academic integrity in higher education: key principles and perspectives”

On May 23, 2024, the scientific seminar “Academic Integrity in Higher Education: Key Principles and Prospects” was held (in a mixed format) at Odesa National Medical University. The event was organized by the Department of Philosophy, Bioethics and Foreign Languages, the Commission on Academic Integrity and Ethics of Academic Relations, the Commission on Prevention of Academic Plagiarism, and the Bioethics Commission. 5 reports were read as part of the event:

Concepts, general principles and rules of academic integrity. Regulatory and legal framework.
The speaker was N. A. Matsegora, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, professor of the department of occupational pathology and functional diagnostics and phthisiopulmonology, chairman of the Central Coordination Methodological Council of ONMedU.

The main violations of academic integrity in the ethical and legal aspect. Anti-plagiarism measures.
The speaker is O.A. Gruzevskyi, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, professor of the department of general and clinical epidemiology and biosafety with a course in microbiology and virology, head of the commission on prevention of academic plagiarism at ONMedU.

Artificial intelligence and academic integrity.
The speaker was P. B. Antonenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, professor of the department of general and clinical pharmacology and pharmacognosy, scientific secretary of the Scientific Council of ONMedU, scientific editor of the “Odesa Medical Journal”.

Bioethical aspect of academic integrity. Implementation of the principles of bioethics in medical practice in Ukraine.
The speaker was L. S. Godlevsky, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, chairman of the Commission on Bioethics of ONMedU.

Epistemological aspect of academic integrity. Scientific criteria and academic integrity in scientific activity.
The speaker was Khanzhi V. B., Doctor of Philisophical Sciences, Professor, head of the department of philosophy, bioethics and foreign languages, head of the commission on academic integrity and ethics of academic relations at ONMedU.

The event aroused considerable interest – several dozen scientific and pedagogical employees and students of higher education were present as listeners. The reports provoked questions and comments, which ultimately contributed to the establishment of an atmosphere of fruitful scientific discussion. Each participant will receive a  certificate in electronic PDF format with 0.1 ECTS credit (in case of active attendance for at least 90% of the scheduled time).

We hope that the held scientific seminar will contribute to the involvement of the scientific community in the further discussion regarding the ethical and epistemological principles fixed in the concept of academic integrity, as well as the problems and prospects of implementing the relevant norms and rules in the educational process – during training, teaching and scientific activity.