Scientific and practical conference “Doctor-patient-parent communication in pediatric practice and image technology”

On June 6, 2023, the scientific and practical conference “Doctor-Patient-Parent Communication in Pediatric Practice and Image Technology” was held in a mixed format on the Teams platform and at the Department of Social Sciences (Olhiivska 13, 4th floor). The organizers were the Department of Social Sciences and Pediatrics No. 2 of  Odesa National Medical University. In total, more than 50 people from Odesa, Lviv, and Poltava took part in the work. At the plenary and three sectional meetings, the history and current state of communication between pediatricians and patients and their representatives were discussed, the existing image technologies in Ukraine, modern achievements of pediatric science, modern features of teaching in a medical university for further implementation of modern technologies in education and practice were discussed.

Since 2021, employees of the Department of Social Sciences have been working on the complex scientific topic “The image of the doctor: philological and historical and cultural aspects” (scientific supervisor – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor O. O. Sikorska, responsible executor – PhD, associate professor Podkupko T.L.). It is good that the students of ONMedU, mainly members of the Student Scientific Circle of the Department of Social Sciences, were also involved in the work on the complex topic. At the conference, they made four reports with presentations: Ilona Vizinska “Communication of a traumatologist with a child-patient: the image aspect” (scientific supervisor, Associate Professor T. L. Podkupko), Iryna Ghirishana “Early Birds” and ” neonatologists of “ancient times” (scientific supervisor, Associate Professor T.L. Podkupko), Oleh Myakishev “Pediatrician is not only a profession” (scientific supervisor, Associate Professor T.L. Podkupko), Pastukhov Oleksandr “The social role of the image of a pediatrician” (scientific supervisor, Associate Professor O.O. Uvarova)

It is children’s doctors who first face not the patient himself, but his parents, grandparents. The reports of the vast majority of representatives of the Department of Pediatrics No. 2 were devoted to the specifics of cooperation and communication between the child’s parents and doctors.

The reports aroused the interest of those present, there were discussions and fruitful discussions with consideration of specific practical cases. We hope for further fruitful cooperation between scientific and pedagogical workers of social science disciplines and medical professionals!

Tatyana Leonidovna Podkupko,
candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the department of social sciences of
Odesa National Medical University.