Romania has invited ONMedU to join the program “Romania-Ukraine 2014-2027”

The Managing Authority of the Joint Operational Program “Romania – Ukraine 2014-2020” within the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration will organize preliminary consultations, in the format of a focus group, to determine funding needs in the future cross-border cooperation program “Romania – Ukraine 2021- 2027 ». During the focus group, participants will be able to express their views on potential areas of funding, in the framework of the following policy objectives of the European Union:

– Policy Objective 2 – A cleaner Europe with reduced carbon emissions from itself and its neighbors;

– Policy Objective 3 – A more united Europe and its neighbors;

– Policy Objective 4 – A more social Europe and its neighbors;

Specific objective Interreg 1 – Better public administration of cooperation in Europe and its neighbors;
Specific objective Interreg 2 – A safer Europe and its neighbors.
The focus group will be held online on June 3, 2021, on the ZOOM platform, with the participation of industry representatives who can receive funding under the above tasks. In order to better communicate between the participants, the event will be held in English, with the possibility of translation, if necessary. The event will last about 2 hours and will be held with the participation of TESIM experts, as part of a technical support project implemented by the European Commission to develop cross-border cooperation programs for the period 2021-2027.

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