Results of the first International Student Congress “HISCON-2021”

On July 23-26, 2021, the first International Student Congress “HISCON-2021” was held on the basis of the International Medical Faculty of the University of Health named after Hamidi (Istanbul, Turkey).

Because of the pandemic, participation in the congress was remote. A number of well-known scientists from Turkey and other countries were included in the congress jury. In particular, Professor Orrin Devinsky, head of the Epileptology Center in New York, as well as well-known scientists from leading universities in the United States, Australia, Germany and Finland took part.

The program of the congress was interesting and rich, the topics of scientific reports were made during three days by students-participants of the Congress. In total, the Congress was attended by 95 students from around the world – Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey.
On behalf of Odessa National Medical University, the report was made by the head of the student scientific group of the Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Medical Equipment, a student of the 5th year of the medical faculty Prybolovets K.O.
It should be noted that the presented results were obtained personally by the speaker, as well as by students-members of the Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Medical Equipment, in particular Latypov K.A., Yevchev R.A. and Bidnyuk V.K. during the last three years.
The report on the topic was “The role of γ-receptors activated by peroxisome proliferators in the anticonvulsant effects of paleocerebel stimulation”, it aroused the interest of students who agreed with the speaker’s reasoned generalizations, as well as noted the prospects, scientific novelty and practical significance.

The report was awarded a diploma of the first degree, which is a significant achievement of the student scientific society of our university.