Professor Ihor Gladchuk: Segmental resection in intestinal endometriosis should be performed in specialized, well-equipped centers such as university clinics of ONMedU.

Segmental resection in intestinal endometriosis is a responsible multidisciplinary procedure, which is carried out strictly according to the indications, when the possibilities of other treatments are exhausted. This was stated by Professor Igor Gladchuk at the scientific-practical symposium “Endometriosis Networking: from history to modern management tactics”, where he was one of the speakers.
Speaking with the report “Intestinal endometriosis. A clinical case from his own archive “, he noted that he became interested in this topic many years ago, and now heads the only European center of endometriosis in Ukraine on the basis of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of ONMedU. In 2017, he had a patiend, a woman diagnosed with “genital infiltrative endometriosis, intestinal endometriosis.” The woman was offered surgery in the amount of conservative surgical treatment of endometriosis – segmental colorectal resection. Such a complex operation can be performed only in a well-equipped clinic and by a high-class specialist, so the operation was performed by Professor Gladchuk, a top-level surgeon, at the university clinic on Pasteur, which met all the criteria.
In his speech, he noted that segmental colorectal resection is a rare case because it is a rare diagnosis. There may be only a few such operations a year. At the same time, there are other surgical techniques for the surgical treatment of endometriosis, but segmental colorectal resection is the least traumatic and has the best results for women. By the way, in the process of licensing the ONMedU department for the title of the European Center for Endometriosis, one of the evaluation criteria was the presence of segmental colorectal resection.