Parties for foreign students

We really want to reveal all the beauty, richness, balance and wisdom of Ukrainian traditions to foreign students. It is sometimes very difficult for them to understand the attitude of Ukrainians to many different things in all spheres of life, and this attitude has deep roots in the traditional culture that has been formed for a long time.

The Department of Social Sciences headed by Ph.D. O.O. Sikorska, decided to immerse Moroccans and Tunisians into traditional Ukrainian youth entertainment. On December 7, PhD Podkupko T.L. on St. Catherine’s Day held a party in the 5th freshmen of the International Faculty, specialty pharmacy.

In the traditional Ukrainian culture from Intercession – October 14 began a period not only of betrothals, engagements, weddings, but also parties. With the completion of agricultural work came the time of homework, active communication of young people, dating and choosing a future couple. In the days when there was not only the Internet, but even light, long winter evenings were united by joint work, jokes, songs, dances and treats…

Mesdur Khalid – offers a magic jug with sheets on which the names of future brides are written. At first, girls are divining, in the stereotypical imagination of many societies, including Ukrainian and Moroccan, for them marriage is more important, more principled and more important than for men. Then it’s the guys’ turn to draw notes with women’s names. Lively interest, laughter, filming on phones for family and friends of the action, humorous comments – real parties!

Talebi Mohamed Reda in Moroccan traditional dress – jalabbi. Such long gowns with lush embroidery, can be both for both men and women. Unlike men’s, women’s are more brightly and richly decorated with embroidery, bright belts, etc. (well, like Ukrainian embroidered shirts – women’s and men’s). Depending on the region, jalabbi is not only a holiday outfit, it also indicates a certain marital status.

Bellafkih Asmaye prepared a report comparing the features of women’s and men’s traditional clothing in Morocco and Ukraine.

The traditional pastimes of our ancestors are clear and close to modern youth, and not only Ukrainian! Thanks to such interactive games, demonstrations, master classes, it is possible to reveal the peculiarities of Ukrainian culture, mentality and history to foreign students. Learn to be proud of your studies in Ukraine, Odessa, ONMedU!