ONMedU develops the program “Socio-cultural and individual-psychological principles of forming a society of sustainable development”

As a sign of respect and gratitude to medical and social workers for their hard and dedicated work in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 was declared the International Year of Health and Social Workers. WHO is campaigning under the slogan “Protect. Help. Join forces. ” The campaign is designed to demonstrate the urgent need to pay special attention to the development of health care, as well as increase information support and investment in this area, as it will benefit from improving the health of Ukrainian citizens, creating new jobs, expanding economic opportunities and strengthening the equality of different segments of the population of the state.
Bringing up not only professional competence, but also social responsibility and communication skills to combine public efforts in addressing public health and ensuring sustainable development of society in future physicians is particularly relevant within this company and competency approach.
In order to implement these guidelines on behalf of the leadership of ONMedU, the staff of the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics is developing a program of the course “Socio-cultural and individual-psychological principles of forming a society of sustainable development.” The aim of this course is to improve the quality of training of modern medical professionals for activities in public life, interpersonal relationships, self-regulation and professional self-realization, which should ultimately help them to become a conscious citizen – an active participant in sustainable development and mature professional. The project will be implemented in accordance with modern international requirements and conventions in the field of medical law, bioethics in order to implement the proposed at the UN Summit program “Transforming our world: the agenda for sustainable development until 2030” and the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Sustainable Development period until 2030 ”dated 30.09.2019 (doc. № 722/2019).
The program offers consideration of current problems of modern Ukrainian society, mastering the world experience of their solution and finding new ways to ensure sustainable development of our society, taking into account the history, mentality and culture of the Ukrainian people.
Thematic course plan offered:
Topic 1. History of origin, socio-cultural, philosophical, scientific and legislative principles and principles of a democratic society. Imperatives of civil society formation in Ukraine.
Topic 2. Tolerance in a multicultural society. Tolerance as a principle of global education. Formation, place and role of human dignity in the system of international standards of freedoms and human rights.
Topic 3. Discrimination in the family: the fate of mother and child. Ensuring gender equality and overcoming the practice of domestic violence. Toxic relations, their influence on the formation of personality, means of overcoming their consequences.
Topic 4. Corruption as a violation of the bioethical principle of integrity.
Topic 5. Protection of the rights, safety and dignity of physicians in the performance of their professional duties.
We invite university staff to discuss the relevance and content of the course. We will be grateful for your suggestions on the interpretation or clarification of selected problems – all this will contribute to the formation of the future physician as an active creator of a sustainable society of our state.