ONMedU continues international cooperation despite the martial law in the country

Odessa National Medical University has a fruitful partnership with many medical universities around the world. Recently, representatives of ONMedU, led by Professor of Epidemiology Mikhailo Golubiatnikov, met with the Rector of Tito Mayorescu University, Mr Daniel Cochiop in Bucharest. The Agreement on Cooperation with the Medical Institute, which is part of the Romanian University, was renegotiated.

This Agreement provides for cooperation in various issues: exchange of students for training and teachers to improve knowledge in various disciplines, lectures, exchange of educational, methodological and scientific information, participation in student conferences, seminars, joint research, publications in scientific journals of our countries.

Due to the peculiarities of martial law training and COVID-19, the parties agreed to improve and develop distance learning programs.

According to the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan, cooperation with Tito Mayorescu University is very important. “The Romanian Medical Institute, like us, is actively developing robotics in medicine, conducting research in various fields, such as genetics, endoscopy, cardiac surgery and more. We have the same goals, opportunities and equipment, so we are interested in each other,” said Valerii Zaporozhan.