Online meeting dedicated to historical events

On February 21, the ONMedU library, together with the Department of Social Sciences, held an interesting online meeting with the students of higher education of the elective component group 1, 2 of the Faculty of Medicine, dedicated to historical events that are celebrated at the state and international level: the Day of Commemoration of Participants in Combat Actions on the Territory of Other States , Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, International Mother Language Day.

Online exhibitions dedicated to these topics were organized at the meeting. Students took an active part in the discussion, asked questions about the chronology of the Maidan events, talked about their own vision of the present and its combination with the 10-year war of the Ukrainian people for a free life. The books from the library funds, presented at the online presentation of the International Mother Language Day, attracted special attention. In particular, seekers of higher education were surprised by the unique edition of 1917, which is dedicated to the history of Ukrainian writing in the 11th-18th centuries. and preserved by the library during revolutions and wars. The author of the publication is a teacher, linguist, public figure Ostap Makarushka, one of whose best-known works is the first of the Ukrainian-language manuals on pedagogy.