Online course “Soft skills development workshop”

Today, Ukrainian society pays a lot of attention to the development of “soft skills”.

These skills are a combination of individual qualities of a person, their behavioral and social attitudes. A modern learner must be able to actively learn throughout life, solve problems, think critically, be creative, proactive, possess digital competencies, as well as possess social interaction skills and be able to manage emotions.

Taking into account the need for the development of universal competences, the online course “Practice on the development of soft skills” was created for teachers within the framework of the EU program “EU4Skills: Better skills for modern Ukraine” with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the International Solidarity Fund (Poland).

The workshop contains a description of 72 classes. In particular, the program includes practical exercises, business games, scenarios of group classes that help to form a separate skill. This online course is posted on the “Professional Education Online” platform  (https://profosvitaonline) в in the “Key Competencies” category at the link: The promo video of the course is posted at the link:

By the way, we note that teachers who are users of the distance learning platform “All-Ukrainian School Online” do not need to re-register. Access to the “Professional Education Online” platform is available with the same login/password.

For additional information, please contact Anna Bondar, project manager for the content of distance education of the Ministry of Education and Culture Reform Support Team, e-mail: [email protected], phone: +38 097 919 82 13.