“Odesa Medical Journal” received a scholarship from the SUES project

In August 2022, the scientific journal “Odesa Medical Journal” received a three-month scholarship from the project “Support to Ukrainian Editorial Staff” (SUES – Support to Ukrainian Editorial Staff).

SUES is an initiative of European institutions and organizations whose purpose is to support the scientific community of Ukraine. This project provides support for the daily activities of scientific journals and academic publishing houses (adaptation of the editorial policy of scientific publications to modern requirements, partial coverage of publishing costs, etc.), promotion of the inclusion of scientific publications to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). In order to achieve this goal, SUES has launched a fundraiser to award scholarships to selected journals. You can learn more about the selection process in this post.

We are sure that awarding the SUES scholarship to the “Odessa Medical Journal” will be the next step in the development of the main scientific publication of the Odessa National Medical University, will contribute to the inclusion of the “Odessa Medical Journal” in the recognized scientometric platforms, including DOAJ!