Mykhailchuk Yevheniy, head of the primary trade union organization of students: The attitude of the university management to students is important.

We have been repeatedly addressed by students of different years and faculties on the issue of settling in dormitories, helping classmates, on educational matters, holding events, etc. But the team formed by V.M. Zaporozhan , always listened to the students and found solutions to many issues and was always open to conversations.
In difficult times, when students fell victim to raids, the university administration was always there to help students. Together with the students’ union, the fastest way was to organize free lunches for dormitory residents who were completely cut off from gas.
A personality is characterized by there actions and deeds.
And that is why the student community is confident that they are under reliable protection, and studying at the best medical university in the country thanks to V.M. Zaporozhan and the team he formed.