Museums are calling!

Traditionally warm months of the academic year, the Department of Social Sciences under the leadership of Associate Professor O.O Sikorska organizes visits to museum exhibitions by students of ONMedU.

Responsible for the educational work of the department, Associate Professor O.O. Uvarova and students visited Odessa Art Museum and during the tour got acquainted with the collections of paintings of the XIX-XX centuries.

Throughout September, groups studying at the department, together with the teachers – the head teacher of the department
O.S. Shanina, associate professors M.M. Kulachynsky, T.L. Podkupko, O.O. Uvarova – visited the Museum of History of ONMedU, where they were kindly welcomed by the head T.M. Levitska. Students listened to reports on the history of the university, saw exhibits, including medical instruments, photos of students of previous years, boards with historical milestones in the development of ONMedU.

The acquaintance with the Odessa National Scientific Library, organized by associate professors O.O. Uvarova and T.L. Podkupko, was useful., the visitors saw rare editions of the XV – XX centuries, periodicals of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century.

The staff of the Department of Social Sciences expresses its gratitude to the students for their interest and to all the staff of the museums and libraries for the warm welcome and inspiration!