Message of the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan to students

Dear students, my future colleagues!

Today is a difficult time for our country. Our peaceful life has collapsed. We live among explosions, volleys and sirens. And it is quite natural that in some moments fear, panic enters your souls, and the question arises: “Why study when there is war around?”. Yes, it’s hard now! But you know that after a dark night there is always dawn. And that’s why you have to study in spite of everything!

Since February 24, our university has not stopped working for a single day. We work remotely. Teachers, as in peacetime, at a high level help you “gnaw the granite of science.” I am very grateful to the teaching staff who stayed with you, and not only provides you with knowledge, but also supports you psychologically.

Our electronic library is a great help in mastering knowledge, which provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of not only domestic but also foreign scientists from any part of Ukraine and other countries. I hope you use this opportunity constantly.

Simulation classes, which are equipped with highly realistic simulators, allow you to gain practical skills. Unfortunately, now it is available only to students living in Odessa, but on the university’s YouTube channel and on the page of the Department of Simulation Medical Technologies of the ONMedU website there are educational videos. Check these resources, they are also a great help in learning.

The university administration made every effort to keep the educational process going. I hope that you, my dear students, will also make every effort to study well. Ukraine needs high-class specialists!

Have courage, resilience, faith, my dear future colleagues!