Meeting of the Academic Council

On October 15, 2020, a regular meeting of the Academic Council of ONMedU took place in a mixed mode (online and offline).
At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Academic Council, Academician Valerii Mykolaiovych Zaporozhan, presented the staff with certificates of academic titles (one professor’s certificate and twelve associate professor’s certificates). Many scientists also received patents for inventions and useful models.
After the welcoming words, the Academic Secretary O.L. Appelhans together with the Chairman of the Academic Council V.M. Zaporozhan announced the candidates for the competition for the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and nine heads of departments, recommended by the Competition Commission of the University. All candidates were supported by secret ballot. The Academic Council also approved the proposals of the Competition Commission for the appointment of professors and associate professors of departments.
On November 25, 2020, the election of the rector will be held at ONMedU. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Election of the Rector of ONMedU, Professor F.I. Kostev, said that due to the deteriorating of the epidemic situation in our country, the Organizing Committee has developed an Annex to the “Regulations on the elections at Odessa National Medical University”, which regulates the protection of electoral process during the epidemic. The Academic Council unanimously approved the Annex.
The head of the student government Anastasia Gromadchenko reported on the main theses of the “Regulations on the procedure for electing representatives from among the students who have the right to participate in the election of the rector of Odessa National Medical University.” The Academic Council approved this Regulation unanimously.
The Acting Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching, Professor O.A. Shandra reported on the appointment of opponents for the dissertation, the formation of a one-time specialized Council and the appointment of the Chairman of the Specialized Council. He explained to the audience about the changes regarding specialized councils. Really, today it is possible to organize one-time specialized councils in ONMedU in various scientific fields. The most important thing is to comply with three conditions. First, the members of such councils should be full-time employees, secondly, the chairmen and reviewers of the council should not have joint publications with dissertations, and thirdly, there should be at least three publications in the scientific field and one publication in indexed publications in Scopus or Web-of-science systems. Professor O.A. Shandra proposed the candidacy of the Responsible Person for the organization of work with the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education for Accreditation of Postgraduate Studies at ONMedU. The Academic Council voted unanimously for the candidacy of P.B. Antonenko, Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.
Another issue on the agenda was approval of the project to create an Interuniversity educational, research and production complex of healthy eating. Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Professor V.G. Marichereda said that this project was created by ONMedU and the Academy of Food Technologies to improve the health of the population of Odessa. Research conducted under this project will focus on the development and implementation of healthy nutrition for adults and children. The Academic Council supported the project and proposals for its implementation.
At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Academic Council V.M. Zaporozhan covered the issue of social protection of employees and students: “Recently, the media has criticized health workers for not providing quality medical care. I emphasize that in this case it is not the fault of doctors, but the authors of the medical reform that is being carried out in Ukraine. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to change anything in this direction throughout the country, but we can try to help our staff and students get free diagnostic and medical care. This is the most important social direction of the university administration. Therefore, I propose to oblige the legal service of the university to consider, justify and give effect to such issues as the creation of insurance support for staff and students of ONMedU, providing legal support to clinicians in case of problems with patients and their relatives. V.M. Zaporozhan’s proposals were approved unanimously.