Let’s help save the country’s energy system!

Dear students and employees of ONMedU!

The energy infrastructure of our country has been under attack by the Russians almost every day for several weeks. This leads to massive power outages and requires Ukrainians to switch to economical consumption.

The administration of ONMedU once again reminds of the need to consciously use electrical appliances in this difficult time.

How to reduce electricity consumption and help the country’s energy system:
– Use energy-intensive appliances at night: washing machine, dryer, dishwasher
– Set the minimum accepted temperature: in the washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, hair dryer, iron
– Replace all lamps with energy-saving LRDs
– Eliminate excess: one room = one lamp
– The priority is natural daylight
– Leaving the room – turn off the light
– Turn off all electrical appliances that are not needed at the moment
– Do not leave electrical appliances in sleep mode – turn them off
– Do not turn on several household appliances at the same time