Join learning medical cases with the British resource CAPSULE

Dear teachers and students!

Colleagues from Great Britain provided access to a clinical case-based learning resource CAPSULE for Ukrainian medical universities.

CAPSULE is a quiz-based learning resource designed to support undergraduate medical students in the application of medical knowledge in a clinical setting.  The resource contains over 680 clinical cases which are mapped to the GMC’s Outcomes for graduates and linked to more than 3500 questions across 39 disciplines.  The clinical cases cover all the clinical specialties encountered in years 4 and 5, including medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, therapeutics, obstetrics and gynecology, general practice and professional studies.  Clinical case questions are MCQ based and cases are image rich with over 450 images including radiology, ECG and clinical photos.

More about CAPSULE – at

If you want to access the resource or need any further information on what to do and how to use Capsule can be best reached at [email protected]