Interns are our hope, our change

The Department of Children’s Surgery of  Odesa National Medical University has a very powerful clinical base – Odesa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital . Every year, more than 15,000 children receive inpatient care here, and more than 120,000 children are provided with specialist advisory assistance. 5.3 thousand young citizens receive surgical treatment at inpatient departments of the hospital, in addition, more than 4 thousand are provided with outpatient operative surgical and trauma care. Every day, from 80 to 120 small patients with surgical pathology come to the surgical department.

Therefore, practical classes and internship at the hospital are a real guide to the medical life of future surgeons. The main goal and task of the internship is the acquisition and improvement of professional skills in the main sections of pediatric surgery, study of the clinic and diagnosis of pediatric surgical diseases, methods of conservative and operative treatment, readiness of interns for independent medical work.

How it all happens in everyday life, we learned from the intern doctors and already experienced specialists of  Odesa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.