This holiday was established in November 1999 at the XXX session of the General Conference of UNESCO to protect linguistic and cultural diversity.

In our country, this day has been celebrated since 2002, when the President of Ukraine signed a decree. And on November 9 we celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language – in honor of the Reverend Nestor the Chronicler.

For any nation, its language is the most important and native. It is used for communication, expression of thoughts and feelings, formation of a worldview.

According to the Constitution, the state language is Ukrainian, which is considered one of the richest languages. It has about 260,000 words, various synonyms and apt expressions that convey a concept. The Ukrainian language is compared to Italian in terms of melodiousness, many unsurpassed poetic and musical works have been created on it, and new words and concepts have recently appeared. So, our language is developing, and more and more people speak Ukrainian.

We respect the representatives of all nations who study at ONMedU, we respect their traditions, we provide equal access to the educational process, we provide educational literature in accordance with the language they have chosen to study. But each of them must study Ukrainian to learn about the history, culture and mentality of our people.

The language of any nation is its most important spiritual treasure. Let’s cherish the language of every nation that unites people!