Strategy of the International Activity of the University

Internationalization Strategy. Vision for 2030

The international activity of Odessa National Medical University in the next 5 years will be aimed at increasing the university’s potential as a national institution with a high reputation in the European system of education and health care, its specialists and graduates will succeed in the European and global professional competitive environment. The ONMeDU will strive to strengthen its position as a global participant in the world scientific progress in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and bioengineering.

* For this purpose, the course for the establishment and maintenance of a system of strategic alliances of ONMedU with universities and professional medical communities of other countries will be continued.

The international activities of ONMedU will also be aimed at attracting funds for the University, which will ensure sustainable growth and maximize the potential of the academic community.

* ОNMedU will continue to strive to expand the geography of international cooperation and partnership by signing bilateral and multilateral agreements on cooperation with higher educational institutions as well as laboratories, firms, professional associations and other organizations from different countries and regions of the world that operate in the field of medical science and education.

This cooperation will focus on the exchange and outspread of successful professional experience in education, research and clinical practice, joint scientific and educational programs and projects, exchange and mutual certification of students and professionals – in particular, in terms of internships, organization of joint conferences and other scientific forums, and as well as preparation of co-publications, joint development of clinical guidelines and their implementation in practice.

* Participation in international programs and projects will contribute to attracting investments, support and modernization of the University’s research infrastructure. At the same time, the exchange of specialists, the work of joint international research groups, international internships and participation in multilateral joint projects will upgrade the professional skills and erudition of the university staff and promote their balanced professional and personal development.

* The University will continue the strategy of engagement in the scientific and medical professional associations of Europe and the world. In particular, strategic partnership with universities of Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova and other countries will be continued, as well as participation in grant financed European international projects, including those on a competitive basis. Particular attention will also be paid to cooperation with the structures of those countries and regions where there is a possibility and a developed tradition of a large amount of science and health care financing from both public and private sources. Besides the EU, it is the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan. Establishment of such partnerships will be based on contacts and cooperation between departments, laboratories, individual research groups or employees, as well as on the expansion of contacts between the existing partners.

* Participation in international academic mobility programs (ERASMUS program, etc.) will be continued, as well as in programs promoting academic integrity.

* In addition to attracting funding from government programs and international funds, it is also an important opportunity to raise funds directly from large pharmaceutical companies. This approach is ensured by the presence of the Eastern European Network of Advanced Experience in the Study of Chronic Illness (CHRONEX-RD). The practice of cooperation with the use of such mechanisms has been successfully applied by ONMedU and will be continued.

* Attention will be paid to increasing attraction of foreign students to ONMedU, both from the countries with which international cooperation already exists, and from the countries with whose universities new cooperation agreements will be signed.

* Increased competition in the education service market by other universities requires modernization of the educational process – in particular, revising the existing and developing new academic programmes, their international unification and certification, and maintenance of international standards of education quality. In this work, the role of international cooperation will also be high, as international contacts will help ONMedU in timely introduction of advanced experience by getting information about new academic programmes and other aspects of progress in the world medical education. This, in particular, concerns the increasing role and importance of modern information technology in medical education and research.

* Particular attention will be paid to establishing and maintaining regular contacts with foreign citizens – graduates of our university, including those who continue to work and occupy official positions in the education and health systems of their countries. Cooperation with them in the format of the International Association of Graduates of ONMedU will help expand international partnership and advancement of the interests of our university on the international level. Personal cooperation with colleagues from foreign scientific and medical institutions with the titles of Honorary Doctor and Visiting Professor of ONMED will also be activated; cooperation in the format of the Honorary Doctors Club will facilitate investment in the ONMedU and more active inclusion of the university into international programs and projects.

* International cooperation of the university clinic and the simulation center will be expanded and intensified, with the attraction of private funds for clinical research, as well as specialists, interns and patients from other countries. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, structures will be created to attract such funds.

* It be aimed to increase the number and quality of publications of the university staff in international rating scientific editions, which will contribute to the overall increase in the rating and international authority of ONMedU. For this purpose, the International Department will continue to encourage employee activity in this direction, in particular through informational support – disseminating information on opportunities for publications, participation in conferences, etc. Thus, university professors and researchers will be able to take part in relevant research projects that have already become reputable and prestigious internationally.

* From time to time, the administration of ONMedU and its International Department will conduct a critical review of the existing system of partnerships with universities and other international organizations in order to prioritize those partnerships that have already proven their scientific performance and growth potential.

* The International and Legal Offices of ONMedU will cooperate in developing a balanced policy and practice on protection of intellectual property and the rights of ONMedU and its foreign partners; this will contribute to the quality and effectiveness of these partnerships and will stimulate their further development.

* Implementation of these measures will strengthen the role of ONMedU as a regional leader in medical education, research and practice, making it the bridgehead in the region for the development of academic ties between the West and the East.