Permanent Participation in International Organizations

Odessa National Medical University (hereinafter referred to as ONMedU) is a member of the International Association of Universities and the International Scientific Committee of UNESCO. The International Association of Universities, founded in 1950 on the initiative of UNESCO, unites about 600 institutions and organizations from 150 countries. Interaction at the international, national and regional levels allows to identify the main trends and problems of the modern high school in order to make the right strategic and tactical management decisions.

ONMedU is an active member of the Association of Coastal Medical Universities. The purpose of this association is to establish links between medical universities and faculties of the Black Sea and Mediterranean basins to increase the efficiency of research and educational work on the basis of the use of regional economic and cultural ties. Also, ONMedU is a member of the Association of Medical Education in Europe.

ONMedU is a partner and participant in the Bologna process, it adheres to the provisions of the Magna Charta Universitatum, a document that declares the most important ethical and general methodological principles of higher education in Europe.

Negotiations and preparations for the formation of the International Club of Honorary Doctors and Visiting Professors of ONMedU are being carried out, the process involves Honorary Doctors from different countries of Europe and the world. Prof. Mogens Bügge (Sweden) takes an active part in the organizational actions on establishing the International Club of Honorary Doctors and Visiting Professors of ONMedU.

65 employees of ONMedU are the members of international organizations and societies, such as: European Union of Intensive Care, Union of Emergency Medicine, European Union of Anesthesiologists, European Union of Cardiology, American Association of Cardiologists, European Federation for the Pain Study, European Federation of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, European Academy of General Practitioners / Family Medicine, UNICEF, European Association of Dialysis and Transplantation, Member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons, European Association of Rhinologists, European Association of Urologists, International Endourology Association, Association of Preventive and Anti-Age Medicine, supported by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, the International Headache Society, the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics, the International Antiepileptic League, the International Organization for the Brain Study, the American Association of Cardiologists, the European Association of Pediatric Surgeons, and others.