Informational Seminar from the BMJ Representatives

On February 20 at 14:30, an informational seminar took place in Odessa National Medical University as a part of  expansion of cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the British Medical Journal. The event was attended by representatives of the BMJ from the office in London, Olena Novichkova (the head of the BMJ educational initiative implementation team in Ukraine), vice-rector of ONMedU on international work prof. V.G. Marichereda and the representative of the Health Department of ORSA, G.M. Tyapkin. The event was attended by representatives of the university departments and doctors-coordinators from medical and preventive institutions of the city and region.

After the greeting speech of the university administration, Olena Novichkova took on the role of a speaker, saying that the BMJ collaborates with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to grant Ukrainian doctors access to the BMJ’s two largest educational resources to improve the level of diagnostics, treatment and measures for protection against infectious and non-infectious diseases («BMJ Best Practice» and «BMJ Learning»). She also spoke about the possibility of this initiative to improve diagnostics, treatment and other measures related to the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases. The word was also given to Svyatoslav Lynnikov, who spoke about personal experience of using the British Medical Journal on-line resources.

A master class was conducted on connection to the educational resources of the program and their use with the help of the coordinators from Kyiv and ONMeDU. It also made it possible for all the present to join the BMJ project and master the basic skills of its use.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Odessa National Medical University with the British Medical Journal it has become possible to add new users to the interactive platform «BMJ Best Practice» and «BMJ Learning», first of all, professors of clinical departments, doctors and interns.