Healthy Army – Protected State!

On April 27, 2018, the Second All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Legal Assistance to Military Men, Participants in Combat Actions, Volunteers and Members of Their Families: Domestic and Foreign Experience” was held at the Military Academy (Odessa). The conference was attended by representatives of the teaching staff of many higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Olena Tanasiychuk, a 5th year student of our university (MF №2), touched important issues of the psychological and physical protection of military men in the South-Уast of Ukraine, making a speech at the plenary session. Olena’s results of scientific research were listened to with interest by the members of the conference jury and proposed for consideration at the next international military conference.

The work was carried out under the direction of PhD in Medicine P.M. Piskovatsky and Colonel of the Medical Service of the SRMMCC, Ph.D. V.V. Selivanova with the support of the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work (issues of humanitarian education and upbringing) K.O.Talalaev.